Get your favourite YouTubers as audio podcasts on your phone


Click below to authorise YTPodders to save MP3s in your Dropbox.

What is YTpodders?

YTPodders runs on your computer and creates subscribable MP3 podcasts from YouTube Users and Channels which are stored on Dropbox, for your personal use.

How do I use it?

  • Click the button above to Authorise YTPodders on Dropbox
  • Download the App as a zip file for Windows, OSX, Linux over on GitHub and follow the instructions there

What info do you store?

The site doesn't store any information apart from Google Analytics data. Your access token is yours not mine.

Can I just run the server myself?

Absolutely. If you don't feel comfortable using the auth flow here, follow the instructions on GitHub for spinning up your own instance.

Is this copyright infringement?

I don't believe so. As long as the MP3s are for your own private use, it should not be illegal to do this. Please don't share your subscriptions.

Who wrote YTPodders?

YTPodders was written by Conor O'Neill. I'm based in Bandon, Cork, Ireland. @conoro on Twitter is usually the fastest way to get me.